Loyalty Offers

Existing customers can take advantage of cross-promotional offers to use in store with other products. Rates are:

  • HD Cart owner: 20% discount coupon
  • M7 Link owner: 20% discount coupon
  • Tai Chi owner: 20% discount coupon
  • Tai Chi Lite owner: 10% discount coupon **

Please enter the email address you originally purchased in our store with to receive your coupon(s).

Alternatively if you purchased a license via a partner, reseller or second hand from another user then your license can only be validated through your iLok ID’s email address, so please enter that below. It may take up to 30 days for these details to be synchronised, so if your details are not found then contact support directly with as much information about your purchase as possible.

Coupons can be stacked as described in the FAQ. These coupons are eligible for all products in the Reverb Foundry store and the LiquidSonics store *.

For educational discounts please visit the Education Discount Programme page and check your eligibility.

Coupons can only be used with the email address used with this form.

* By using this form you consent to your details being shared with LiquidSonics for the purposes of authorising access to coupons in the store.
** If you own a copy of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Lite, you will receive the coupon of the greater value (20%)