Frequently Asked Questions

A number of answers to common questions can be found below.

I cannot connect to my M7 from M7 Link

1. Ensure you are running M7 firmware v2 or above, M7 Link will not work with v1 firmware. You can upgrade your firmware by contacting Bricasti to obtain the new firmware chip.

2. Please verify your M7 and MIDI setup is fully operational with a system dump/recall via your host. Set up your host to receive MIDI data from M7 and then initiate a program dump (see the M7 v2 manual addendum here for details on how to send a program from M7 to your host). Then change the program on your M7, and play back the dump. If your M7 does not flash the tap light and change back to the program you dumped it can indicate a connection problem and so you may need to determine if your MIDI device, MIDI setup or other system issues are the root cause of the issue rather than M7 Link because M7 Link sends and receives data in a very similar format.


I am having trouble restoring a Pro Tools session containing M7 Link

We have found some sessions saved by users using Avid HDX hardware can have trouble recalling sessions containing M7 Link due to a lock-up conflict with MIDI input port creation. If this affects you, please:

  1. Update M7 Link to v1.0.6 or above
  2. Physically disconnect any MIDI devices that may be set as the default device in M7 Link
  3. Create a new session
  4. Add M7 Link to it
  5. In M7 Link’s Advanced settings, disable MIDI Input
  6. Close the session (no need to save)
  7. Reconnect MIDI hardware
  8. Try the session giving you trouble again

If you cannot get M7 Link to load at all:

  1. Update M7 Link to v1.0.6 or above
  2. Please open the following file in a text editor:
    /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/Reverb Foundry/M7 Link/Settings.xml
    (You can get to the User’s Library folder by holding Alt in a Finder window when the Go menu is open.)
  3. Change the line: <enable_midi_inputs value=”true“/> to <enable_midi_inputs value=”false“/>
  4. Change the line if it contains a MIDI device to: <default_midi_device value=”-1“/>
  5. If any lines are not present you can add them at some point between the <Settings> … and … </Settings> tags
  6. Save the text file
  7. Try to load the session again

If you continue to experience trouble please contact support.

Can I sign up to your mailing list?

Yes please visit the sales and marketing page.

To unsubscribe follow this link.

What iLok formats are supported?

To use Reverb Foundry software plug-ins an iLok 2, iLok 3, iLok Cloud or computer based iLok location is required for activation.

How many iLok activations are included with a purchase?

Each Reverb Foundry software plug-in license can be redeemed into an account once, and activated on to two concurrent locations associated with that account (e.g. one user can put their license on 2 different iLok devices, or an iLok plus a computer based authorisation).

Are education discounts available?

Yes, please apply through the Education Discount Programme.

For Chinese regions please contact your local representatives at Ding Dong Audio.

Do you have a discounts or loyalty scheme?

Yes, please visit the Reverb Foundry Loyalty Offers page for more details.

Any coupons acquired via the equivalent LiquidSonics scheme may also be used at the same time.

If you are a student or teacher you may be interested in the Education Discount Programme.

Unfortunately these coupons cannot be used with any of our resellers so you will be required to purchase directly if you wish to take advantage of the scheme.

Can I combine multiple store coupons?

If you have multiple store coupons, these can be combined by stacking.

As is standard in retail, multiple discount coupons are applied sequentially. The price of the first reduces the price by a certain amount, then the second coupon reduces that price by a percentage, and so on until all coupons are used up. We refer to this as coupon stacking.

Suppose you own a 20% and a 10% discount coupon and the product costs $100. The combined (stacked) rate is a 28% discount.

Coupon 1: 20% off, pay 80% of price ($100 – $20 = $80 to pay)

Coupon 2: 10% off, pay 90% of the reduced price ($80 – $8 = $72 to pay)

Combine coupons: Apply 80% then 90% for 72% serial rate (0.8 * 0.9 = 0.72)

The order that you put coupons into the store does not matter to the final price (multiplication is commutative, 2 * 10 = 10 * 2 = 20).

You may notice in store that a proportion of your discount rate is shown next to each coupon that now reflects a proportion of the stacked rate.

How do I uninstall Reverb Foundry products?

On Windows use the uninstaller accessed the usual way through the software removal facility in Windows control panel. For macOS please use this tool.

Can I run the demo again after it has expired?

If you require an additional demo period of 7 days after the regular 14 day demo has expired you may use the code below.

HD Cart: 5010-7446-7858-9030-9629-5522-7432-30

M7 Link: 0278-9232-8094-9646-3893-1424-5924-16

Tai Chi / Tai Chi Lite: 9162-3000-6304-1866-0279-5744-1748-62

Error message that the iLok license cannot be redeemed again.

Typically this error occurs if you have already redeemed your license into an account but not activated the license onto a device.

I am VAT registered, can I pay without VAT?

Reverb Foundry does not presently charge any VAT or sales tax.

Can I transfer or sell my license?

Yes. Although we do not charge a fee to do this, you will be charged a fee by Pace to transfer a license if you have already redeemed the iLok activation code into an account.

What are your company registration details?

Reverb Foundry Ltd is registered in the UK, registration number 10998322. The registered office is Top Floor, Claridon House, London Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0JU. Reverb Foundry Ltd is not VAT registered.

What is the link with LiquidSonics?

LiquidSonics and Reverb Foundry are both privately held businesses owned by Matthew Hill.

Despite similar interest in reverberation there are no formal business ties between them besides those set out in the firms’ respective privacy policies.

As the two entities are independently registered as different limited companies in the United Kingdom financially they operate independently. They have different business objectives and were founded at different times. This model ensures clean division between the different business strategies pursued by relevant interested parties whilst avoiding potential conflicts of interest between staff, contractors, consultants and distributers.

The loyalty discounts programme of each company are interchangeable, so if you purchase a product from one you may be entitled to discounts in the store of the other.