Frequently Asked Questions

A number of answers to common questions can be found below.

Can I sign up to your mailing list?

Yes please visit the sales and marketing page.

To unsubscribe follow this link.

What iLok formats are supported?

To use Reverb Foundry software plug-ins an iLok 2, iLok 3 or computer based iLok location is required for activation.

Support for iLok Cloud is planned in the first half of 2019.

How many iLok activations are included with a purchase?

Each Reverb Foundry software plug-in license can be redeemed into an account once, and activated on to two concurrent locations associated with that account (e.g. one user can put their license on 2 different iLok devices, or an iLok plus a computer based authorisation).

How do I uninstall Reverb Foundry products?

On Windows use the uninstaller accessed the usual way through the software removal facility in Windows control panel. For macOS please use this tool.

Can I run the demo again after it has expired?

If you require an additional demo period of 7 days after the regular 14 day demo has expired you may use the code below.

HD Cart: 5010-7446-7858-9030-9629-5522-7432-30

M7 Link: 0278-9232-8094-9646-3893-1424-5924-16

Error message that the iLok license cannot be redeemed again.

Typically this error occurs if you have already redeemed your license into an account but not activated the license onto a device.

I am VAT registered, can I pay without VAT?

Reverb Foundry does not presently charge any VAT or sales tax.

Are educational and bulk discounts available?

Yes, please get in touch with sales and marketing. For education discounts you should ideally contact us using your education email address.

Can I transfer or sell my license?

Yes. Although we do not charge a fee to do this, you will be charged a fee by Pace to transfer a license if you have already redeemed the iLok activation code into an account.

What are your company registration details?

Reverb Foundry Ltd is registered in the UK, registration number 10998322. The registered office is Top Floor, Claridon House, London Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0JU. Reverb Foundry Ltd is not VAT registered.